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Advent and symbolism

I love symbols and symbolism. I love being taken away in meaningful rituals and to discover the meaning of gestures and images. read more »

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How God speaks through women

Initially enthusiastic about prophecy I started wondering what is true and how should I value it? This is the fifth and last blog in the series Prophets and Prophecy in which I search for an answer to this question. After the introduction blog I talk about what is prophecy, what kinds are there in the bible, does it still function now, in what form does it function in the church en what about prophecies of doom and prophetic ministries? And this blog deals with female prophets.

The bible shows in both Old and New Testament that women can be a prophet. In the Old Testament we see Miriam, the sister of Moses, is a prophet (Ex. 15:20, Num. 12:2), Deborah, the judge, is a prophet (Judges 4:3-10) and King Josiah goes for advice to the female prophet Huldah (2 Kings 22). read more »

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Everybody is dead

A good Christian is a dead Christian, because Paul says repetitively that we are dead and that this is a good thing. What about it? read more »

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A better you in 12 steps

a-better-you‘Better You’ is trending. The whole world is busy getting the utmost out of itself. Normal isn’t good enough any more. Superlatives are whizzing past your ears. Of course in commercials, but even in job advertisements. In isn’t about what you can do for the company, but it is about what the company can do for you. read more »

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I am called to do what?

woman-sand-water-seaThose who have been called according to his purpose, don’t always know what they exactly are called to. They are looking for ‘Gods plan for their life’. This can give enormous amounts of stress and because I am a great supporter of an unwinding Christianity, I will give you three things to which every Christian is called and three questions that help you discover your personal calling. read more »

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Waarvoor ben ik geroepen?

Degenen die naar Zijn voornemen geroepen zijn, weten niet altijd woman-sand-water-seawaarvoor ze nou precies geroepen zijn. Ze zijn op zoek naar ‘Gods plan voor hun leven’. Dat kan veel stress opleveren en omdat ik een groot voorstander ben van een ontspannen christendom, geeft ik je 3 dingen waartoe iedere christen geroepen is en 3 vragen die je helpen je persoonlijke roeping te ontdekken. read more »

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I believe so I do – what? 1

Our beliefs are our motivation, our driving force to do things. You believe something will work, that’s why you do it. If you believe physical activity is good for you, you make sure you have an active lifestyle. When you say you believe physical activity is important, but you sit in a chair 24/7, I get the impression you don’t believe what you are saying. It may be true, but you don’t believe it, otherwise you would be more active. The combination of what you say you believe and what you do with it, shows what you really believe and what are mere nice, but empty words. read more »