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I believe so I pray

Recently I have read a very good column with a razor-sharp analysis of how people look at prayer in times of trouble (in Dutch): https://www.vn.nl/als-god-in-rampzalige-tijden-niet-thuis-geeft/ (translation below)

It made me wonder: What does happens when we pray? read more »

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I believe so I do – what? 5

‘I believe in sowing and harvesting, so I sow in order to be able to harvest later’. Most of us don’t believe when we ‘sow’ 10 Euro we get 30, 60 or 100 fold back in Euro’s, but there are people that give according to the quid-pro-quo principle. They put money in the offering basket and expect something back like a better job, the healing of a friend or something else they want to receive. They tithe and expect something more from the heavens than rain, when the floodgates of heaven are thrown open for them. read more »

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I believe so I do – what? 4

A lot of people believe God only blesses if you obey the rules. They think the blessing and curse of the law are still valid today and not only for the Jews but also for Christians and the non believers. They presume that, when everybody behaves okay, God will bless our country, or our church or our family. read more »

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I believe so I do – what? 3

We believe our sins are forgiven and we believe we are a new creation. New creation equals better man we believe, so we think we should behave like better people. ‘Be holy because I am holy’. read more »

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I believe so I do – what? 2

What about the link between believing and receiving? Should you believe good enough to receive something? The ‘name it and claim it’ movement says that in order to get what you want, you really have to believe you will get it and you will have to proclaim that. According to me, this is not believing, this is magic or superstition and has nothing to do with faith in Jesus Christ. read more »

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I believe so I do – what? 1

Our beliefs are our motivation, our driving force to do things. You believe something will work, that’s why you do it. If you believe physical activity is good for you, you make sure you have an active lifestyle. When you say you believe physical activity is important, but you sit in a chair 24/7, I get the impression you don’t believe what you are saying. It may be true, but you don’t believe it, otherwise you would be more active. The combination of what you say you believe and what you do with it, shows what you really believe and what are mere nice, but empty words. read more »