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Almost all churches have deacons. They ‘serve the tables’ or assist with the Lord’s Supper, they take in the offering, and church members with financial difficulty can turn to them.


  • Deacons are mostly doing practical things

  • Deacons take care of the poor

  • There is not much to say about deacons, the Bible is pretty clear about it.

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Pastors or Shepherds

With the introduction of the word Pastor, also the evangelical movement has a title for its leaders. Before that leaders were called brother or sister, just like the rest of the congregation. read more »

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Healing ministry

A good health always is in the top 3 of most important things in life. People who are seriously ill take medication with severe side effects, undergo operations and other painful treatments or follow strict diets, all to get cured or to stay alive. A number of them seeks healing in the alternative circle of faith healing. The bible to describes a lot of healing miracles. In the New Testament is said that there are people with a special gift of healing. How do we relate to these people in church?


  • People with a healing gift we call doctors now a days.

  • The healing gift was only for the early church, because there wasn’t a church or a bible.

  • People with a healing gift have a special ministry that supersedes the local church.

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Apostles and evangelists

The 12 disciples were the first apostles and were given the commission to go and tell the gospel to the whole world. They did tell the good news, and signs and wonders followed them, just as promised (Marc 16:15-20, Acts 2:43; 4: 33; 19:11,12)

Phillips does exactly the same and he is called an evangelist. read more »

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Elders and overseers

Overseer is the translation of Episkopos, where the word Bisshop comes from. Elders comes from presbys which means elderly in years. In Israel the elderly with life experience where in charge.

Almost all churches have elders in their leadership. read more »

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The Fivefold Ministry

Harol Eberle once wrote a book about the Fivefold Ministry and when I read it the first time I really was impressed. This from Ephesians 4:11 was the answer for the church! No reverends and church councils, no council of elders and deacons, no pastors and staff. A church lead by a balanced group of people with a special gift of the Holy Spirit, this is how it was meant to be, this was what we had to have!

I was still young. read more »

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Talking with God

Praying is difficult; talking to someone you don’t see nor hear.

Talking to someone you don’t see is doable. It can be good practice to say out loud what is bothering you, what frustrates you, what worries you or why you are sad. Or say what you are grateful for, what you enjoy, what goes well. It helps to imagine you are talking to someone, but for the psychological effect that does not have to be a deity. read more »

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The (tax) laws of the people of Israel has a rule that everybody should bring 10 % of their income to the temple as wages for the tribe of Levi. The Levites didn’t have land because they were chosen to serve in the temple and because of that they weren’t able to earn their own income. (Numbers 18:20-21) And the foreigner, the fatherless and the widow as well are supported with these gifts, because they also didn’t have their own source of income. (Deuteronomy 26:12)

Like all the rules of the Old Testament this also had gotten its own interpretation. Pharisees in Jesus’ time took it so far that they even gave tithes of their little herbs gardens. Better safe than sorry, they must have thought, afraid to be confronted with the curse of not to keeping the law. (Matthew 23:23) read more »

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Judging is an item in Christian circles and outside it as well. We all judge and judge some more. On social media and forums you can read peoples ‘opinions’ that used to stay indoors and now sadly enough are shared with the world. But I don’t want to talk about how disrespectful people can be or wonder why people think they know how others should lead their life. I want to talk about the Christian habit to judge and condemn others based on their own Christian values.

Why we should point out their mistakes to others read more »

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Choice of Clothes

The Bible doesn’t say much about clothes and ways to dress, but what it says presents

sufficient material for intensive discussions.

We think only the more orthodox churches have clothing requirements like hats and skirts, but that isn’t all together true. Just walk into a random church like a Gothic or in a fitted dress on high heals or in ragged jeans and a worn out T-shirt. Or imagine someone dressed like that should step into your church. How would people respond? read more »