Relax, it is finished – part one

Relax, it is finished – part one

Before He gave up His spirit Jesus said, “It is finished”. Numerous books have been written about what Jesus had finished with His life and death and numerous books will still be necessary. The extent and the impact of what He has done is larger and bigger than we can comprehend. Every Christian shall admit that we can’t contribute anything to the works of Jesus Christ. We are totally dependent on His love and mercy. Fortunately He is faithful and true. Our sins are forgiven and we believe our deeds cannot add anything to our salvation. Why is it then that so few Christians sit back to enjoy God and everything He has given us? Why are we so busy becoming a better version of ourself?

We can’t go on sinning so that grace may increase, lets make that clear. But we live like we are afraid to do something wrong because our sins may not always been forgiven, maybe. Like we maybe can achieve a status ourselves whereby we are more or less acceptable. All have sinned, said Paul, and justification is through faith, not through keeping the law. So relax and have faith.

But isn’t it written: “If you love me, keep my commands.”? Yes, that’s written too and it is the subject for the next blog.

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